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Andrew Shaw

Amateur author.

Andrew Shaw

Amateur Author

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Latest Release

Final Call
Competition Entry

  • Scott and straight-acting Carl meet up at an airport bar and discuss a previous holiday season. Doing what holiday representatives do best, they gossip. The main subject of their gossip is the Danish holiday rep from a previous holiday season. A man they can only call Scurdy Burgh, is the subject of much discussion. Little did Carl know; he would become the subject for much closer inspection sooner than he thought.

  • In-between all of this, does love at first sight really exist? Through a misfortune, how does straight acting Carl confront the realisation when he accidentally sits next to his true love when for the first time when he catches the wrong flight?

  • If you have heard of either homosexuality or bisexuality then this comical tale will be up your alley. If you are easily offended or homophobic, you may not want to book a foreign package tour ever, ever again.

Read for free on Inkkitt.

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LGBTQ Writing Competition.

Let’s declare our love for each other loud and proud! Celebrating our diverse backgrounds and inclusive communities, let’s bring more visibility and representation to all shapes, sizes, and colors to our characters and stories.

Submissions include romance, erotica, thriller, horror or mystery novel, where the main protagonists are members of the LGBTQI+ community. The top three entries will win a publishing contract, social media spotlights, and more!

The latest short story 'Images' is now available to read for free on Inkitt.

Currently, one novel is available for readers to enjoy. As an assignment from my Uni days, this novel will be retired soon in its present format.


Arden, the 54th century academic is set in a dystopian society and is available from Kobo.

‘Gripping storytelling’
The Good Read Blog

As a man who sees his life as a series of episodes from the thirty first century, from which there are many to choose, like any good story Ren likes to start at the very beginning. Well, according to him. The prologue introduces the reader to him and his life in space. Enter at your own risk.  

Short Stories, Novels and Serialisations

Andrew Shaw
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About Andrew Shaw

Andrew studied creative writing at The Open University and has since graduated with a Diploma of Higher Education in English.

Primarily a short story and serialisation author, all fiction is storyboarded in high-quality 3D rendering. Some of these will be uploaded for students of creative writing to see how planning a story visually helps with the process.

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