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The 54th century academic. 

  • Please be advised. As an assignment from my Uni days, this novel will be retired soon.

  • Arden will shortly turn eighteen. However, as he survives the academic system in place within a futuristic dystopian society, will he find his true-life male partner? Who are his natural parents or donators? Upon accreditation, whilst surviving the rigors that also face his personal sexual development, all will become clear. The morphing semen eater, the demanding leaders, his fellow academics' sexual preferences, and above all, the elder; stand in his way. If that isn’t enough to contend with, will Arden join the Guild of his choice? Will they accept him and his same-sex life partner, or won’t they?  One thing is for sure, in the 54th century, you have to be one step ahead of the rest. Just how hard can it be? 

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