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Short Stories

Valentine Vincent
Short Story (2020)

  • Please be advised. As an assignment from my Uni days, this short story will be retired soon in its present format. A rewrite will occur in which the story will be suitable for all.

  • After being Christened Valentine, Master Vincent had grown up naturally being popular amongst the girls at school. Until that is until an American kid showed up. Befriending him was easy. Understanding him was a different story altogether. In this coming of age gay comic short story, just who will bring Valentine out to be his true self.

  • The Yank, a wannabe ballet dancer, as well as the kid who outgrows his acne, all try to help Valentine understand his sexuality. When he does realise, he won't know what hit him.

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Short Story (2022)

Ren is almost out of the closet when he becomes the new apprentice car mechanic. Current apprentices are such close friends, only a crowbar can pull them apart. Little do they know when they first meet that sordid images of their past have made them the young men they are today.

In this coming of age story, Ren will make an enemy of one and a follower of the other. Suitable for the more mature reader, some of the storylines touch sensitive subjects that only when we grow older will we find the humour within. If you are easilly offended or, are not gay; this is not the story for you. However, if you are gay and, have a sense of humour; you may wish you'd become an apprentice car mechanic.  

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